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We live in a time where you easily get the impression that it's all a bit uphill! But there is actually very good reason for optimism! It simply requires that we agree that there are some very fundamental things in our lives that are not negotiable!

The Power of knowing

It is currently not easy to know what you should actually do? Should you drink dandelion juice, eat a stone age diet or put ginger in your ears? Put down the phone or download another health app? Should you "stand still" or develop in order not to grow stuck?

And as Chris says, it's funny with those questions, because it's probably the first time in the 600 million years on earth that any species has had the energy to discuss whether it should be spelt or soya! So, despite climate crises and everything else, we are also doing quite well as a species :-)

We are actually doing so well in some areas that, paradoxically, it has become an uphill struggle to cover our fundamental needs as human beings in order for us to thrive.

Not up for negotiation

On this super entertaining and inspiring evening, Chris, with his unique ability to combine humor, inspiration and solid science, will focus on precisely the fundamental needs that are not negotiable if we want to increase the likelihood of motivation and well-being. Two words and concepts that must not end up being put in the corner of shame.

An evening with lots of laughter

The evening is filled with inspiration and thought-provoking knowledge. All delivered with a twinkle in the eye and heaps of the solid science and good humor that has become Chris' trademark!

We issue a laugh guarantee and promise that you will leave the evening with inspiration and plenty of food for thought.

Lecture experience beyond the ordinary

The event has been created together with Chris with the desire to give you a lecture experience and evening that you are not used to. All our events with Chris have so far been sold out.


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