u turn 2

Scientific project
U-turn 2 was inspired by the good results of U-turn 1, but was designed as a full-tone scientific project where the effect of lifestyle was seriously tested. The project was targeted to patients with type 2 diabetes, because solid scientific studies must have a defined focus in order to could investigate something thoroughly.

Lifestyle as medicine
100 people participated in the scientific study. All of them received medicine and guidance about one healthier lifestyle. However, 70 of the trial participants, called the lifestyle group, needed much more. They became asked to do lots of exercise, they were given help with a healthier diet and intensive lifestyle guidance in general.

The research project U-TURN 2 ran over one year. At the same time, a new TV program ran: "U-TURN - a life without pills". The six participants in TV- the program was not part of the major research project, but received broadly the same treatment like those who were in the lifestyle group. The participants ended up with fantastic numbers. But almost yet wilder was what happened in the research project itself. The U-TURN 2 result struck a thick line under that a healthy lifestyle can change the lives of a group of people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

When the results of U-TURN 2 were published in the renowned journal JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association, in August 2017,3 it was groundbreaking research. Because it was first time ever that a "regular" treatment against type 2 diabetes was compared with a treatment that consisted of the necessary medication plus large amounts of exercise.


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