Shrinking city

Can you shrink an entire city?

This is what Chris MacDonald set out to do when he came to Ebeltoft back in 2009, where the citizens of Ebeltoft were enthusiastic about the project. It was the start of 12 fantastic weeks, where health came into focus on the East Jutland coast. The project was a great success for Chris and the citizens of Ebeltoft.

Project Shrinking City is about inspiration, information and motivation - and it's about the enormous energy that arises when people come together to do something good, and as a group embark on the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Five selected people
Christina, Margrethe, Louise, Henrik and Troels were the five selected super shrinks who, together with the rest of Ebeltoft's citizens, went to the front and made a difference in the fight for a healthier lifestyle.

During the project, the five super shrinks were out on their first 3 km run, which was turned upside down on school days for the city's 7th-9th graders. classes, the local supermarket changed the location of the items and much more.

Roof of Africa – Kilimanjaro

As a crowning achievement, Chris MacDonald took the five super shrinks to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro. Here they were challenged once again, but to their own great joy.

DR was behind the large-scale project, which was produced with support from the TrygFonden.


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