In the autumn of 2004, Chris MacDonald posed a question to Politiken's readers: "Do you want to be healthy now?"

Healthy Now with Chris MacDonald

There were a lot of people who wanted to. Several hundred sent in an application to Chris MacDonald and Politiken Søndagslivs to participate in the project. Four participants were selected, and this was the start of an exciting project about what it takes if you want to adjust your lifestyle towards a healthier and more active life.

During the autumn, Politiken's readers could follow Gurli Nystrøm Rasmussen, Lone Nedergaard, Thomas Schou-Moldt and Michael Gad as they changed their lifestyle step by step in a healthier and more active direction - all with inspiration, motivation and expert guidance from Chris MacDonald.

A healthy family

After the Sund Nu project, the concept was expanded to focus on the health of the family, where step by step an attempt was made to change the family's habits in a healthier direction. Three families were selected and you could follow them in Politiken's Søndagsliv.

It turned out to be a fantastically exciting project with sweat on the forehead, lots of challenges, downs and ups.


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