Chris on the school bench

In 2007, the Johannesskolen in Frederiksberg put health on the agenda. Energy, good mood and better physical shape. These were just some of the visible results after two months of working with Chris MacDonald.

One student took responsibility

“Why isn't someone doing a project like Chris at the Chocolate Factory at our school? – We could use it!” wrote Louise Wernblad from 2.Z to DR1. DR1 contacted Chris MacDonald, and that was the start of a fantastic and exciting project!

Louise Wernblad's initiative was innovative and brave, and thus she helped initiate the entire project. An initiative which nominated her for the Ministry of Employment's prize: "Firefighter of the Year".

Exercise and healthy food on the school timetable

During the autumn, Chris MacDonald and his team of trainers and chefs boosted the school day for the high school students at Johannesskolen. No more sweets and soft drinks, and in with healthy food and sweat!

Chris MacDonald really got down to business! The Danish high school students were in far worse shape than he had imagined. However, during the duration of the project, the students' health improved, and not least the high school students' concentration was strengthened.

The healthy lifestyle resulted in better quality of life, health, concentration and grades.


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