Chris on the scale

What does it take to create lasting weight loss? What are myths and what are facts? These were some of the questions that Chris MacDonald tried to find answers to in "Chris på Vägten".

An experiment for a year

In collaboration with DR1 and the Department of Sports at the University of Copenhagen (Group for Molecular Physiology), Chris MacDonald focused on lasting weight loss with a fantastically exciting project in DR's "Have a good time" programmes. The project was carried out from May 2008 to May 2009.

When all the odds are against you

If we look at the statistics for how big a chance you have of losing weight and keeping it off in the long term, it looks anything but bright. Only two out of ten succeed in maintaining the weight loss. How can it be? "Chris på Vägten" presented the knowledge we have today about what the few percent who succeed in permanent weight loss do differently than those who fall back again and again to the old lifestyle and gain the lost weight.

Six brave Danes

Several thousand TV viewers applied to join the project, but only six people were selected. It was the start of an amazing journey towards a healthier and slimmer life under the expert coaching of Chris MacDonald and his team of trainers.


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