In the spring of 2007, you could follow "Chris at the Chokoladefabrikken" in the evening show on DR1. Here you could follow the selected employees from Tom's chocolate factory: Joan, Johnny, Marie and Jesper, as well as all the others at Tom's.

Chocolate in long strips

Imagine having access to all the delicious chocolate you can eat all day long. Just what you want. And as much as you want. Does that sound like paradise? Perhaps it is also for the taste buds, but for most people, it will not be so great for the health, and before long the kilos would quietly creep on.

It was also everyday life for many of the employees at Tom's chocolate factory, and Tom would like to do something about it. It must not be moralizing or pointing fingers. But informative, inspiring and fun. This is how the collaboration with Chris MacDonald started.

The Ambassador team

Based on a philosophy that we can get the strongest inspiration from other people and preferably people we know and can identify with, the employees at Tom's chocolate factory were given the opportunity to sign up as ambassadors for the project.

Being an ambassador meant that during the course of the project there would be a special focus, and that you agreed to lead by example. Make an effort for yourself and to inspire your colleagues to also take up the challenge. Join the journey towards a healthier and more active life with lots of good energy.

Fantastic results – and a continued journey

Healthier, happier and with much more energy. The Toms team experienced significant changes in a healthier direction. One of them even lost 11 kilos and became a full 16 "BodyAge" years younger - in just eight weeks! Fantastic!


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