Chris MacDonald passionately challenges and improves the public's health and approach to it through different projects.


U-turn 2 was inspired by the good results from U-turn 1, but was designed as a full-scale scientific project where the effect of lifestyle was seriously tested. The project is targeted at patients with type 2 diabetes.


Just Human is a Danish NGO, founded in 2015 by Chris MacDonald. Just Human's mission is to inspire young people and their role models to take care of themselves and each other.

U-TURN – last chance

In the U-TURN project, Chris MacDonald investigated whether a change in lifestyle can reduce or completely eliminate eight selected Danes' need for medication.
U-TURN is a TV project shown on DR1, which is supported by the TrygFonden.

Fuck Cancer

In January 2009, Cal MacDonald was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Chris and Cal decided to take up the fight, but on June 29, 2010, Cal took his last breath, but... Cal lived longer than expected.

Shrinking city

In 2009, Chris MacDonald came to Ebeltoft with one mission: to give Ebeltoft's citizens a healthier life, shrink the extra kilos and get lots of good energy. The project was supported by the TrygFonden and inspired many Danes.

Chris on the school bench

Louise Wernblad contacted Chris MacDonald: "Make our school healthier". So he visited Johannesskolen to inform and inspire the high school students about healthy lifestyles.

Chris at the Chocolate Factory

The chocolate factory Toms produces chocolate and sweets, and in 2006 Toms chose to take responsibility for the health of their employees. Chris MacDonald stopped by and before long the employees' health had turned upside down.

Race Across America

In 2005, Chris MacDonald took part in the world's toughest sporting event "Race Across America". 5000 km by bike across the USA. He finished in a nice second place and got to test his physical and mental strength.

Chris on the scale

Five Danes wanted to lose weight, and for a year you could follow the five Danes on DR1. Chris MacDonald took them under his wing and the kilos rattled off the contestants. They were challenged, but they came out stronger and leaner on the other side.

Healthy Now + Healthy Now Family

In 2004 and 2005, Chris MacDonald did some of his first projects focusing on health. Initially with four selected Danes and the following year three Danish families. All with the aim of increasing health in their everyday life.


The goal was to create the world's strongest female professional cycling team. Chris assembled a squad of inexperienced, but energetic, strong and amazing women with the right team spirit. After a year they took part in their first World Cup race.

Exercise against Depression

In 2010, four Danes agreed to participate in a training course with Chris MacDonald. All four had depression and the aim was therefore to investigate the effect of exercise against depression.


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