Chris MacDonald has spent the last 20 years delving into the science of basic human needs. Chris is among the country's most experienced lecturers. He masters the combination of teaching and entertainment like very few and is today regarded as one of the absolute best on the Scandinavian lecture scene.

He has carried out research projects, studied and worked with the world's leading researchers. All to understand one thing:

What needs must be met if a person is to be healthy both physically and mentally. In other words, being dressed to take good care of yourself and others.

The science of well-being and human performance

We know today that a human being can’t thrive without performing in some way. But in our high-paced world of today, we also know that we can perform without thriving. All too often, we’re pressured to compromise on one or both. However, with the right knowledge and some dedicated practice, we can dramatically increase our odds of having the best of both worlds.

So what is the key to performing and thriving, at the same time?

Chris MacDonald has spent the past 20 years digging into modern science and our ancient genetics to find the answer to that exact question. Because we all have a desire to perform somehow; but in our modern world, performance has become a daily demand. A demand that reduces our brain’s ability to be present and function well socially.

So the question at the core of it all becomes: is it possible to perform and feel well in a world where the gap between performance and stress has become so narrow?

In this thought-provoking and inspiring seminar, renowned researcher and physiologist, Chris MacDonald presents us with the answer – a result of 20 years of research and collaborations with the world’s top scientists, which has resulted in his well-being and human performance hypothesis. A hypothesis founded in a unique combination of discoveries from biology, psychology, and physiology. And a hypothesis that leaves us with an inspiring formula for how we can both increase our capacity – while ensuring the health of our bodies and minds.

In this motivational talk, Chris will share the science behind the importance of:

  • Social relations: The human brain is fundamentally a social brain and needs to be treated as such. Understanding and investing in the non-negotiable social factors, which the brain needs, is critical for good odds of creating high performance and healthy brains.
  • Energy management: In the past decades, the science of sleep has explored our deepest physiological needs, and its findings tell a clear story: Either we understand and invest in our energy and restitution, or our brains, performance, and relationships pay the price.
  • Mental attitude: Attitude is not everything as we have so often been told. Applied well, however, our mental perspective can hugely alter how our bodies and minds deal with adversity, challenge, and other people.
  • The balance between challenges and stress: In a world where stress is both a buzzword and major problem, it is more important than ever to understand the physiological differences between challenge and stress.

This is not a seminar of pep-talk and opinions. It is a thought-provoking journey into the scientific world behind performance and well-being. A journey through the most impactful discoveries of the past 20 years – that will leave you equipped with the cornerstone tools that lie behind feeling well while performing well.

Be prepared to laugh, learn, and be astonished in equal measure.

Healthy energy & motivation

The feeling of having the energy to do the things we want in life is one of the best feelings we can have as humans, and on the other hand, if we have no energy, everything becomes more uphill than it needs to be.

It is nature that has determined our needs. Therefore, certain things are just not negotiable if we want to feel good. Renowned researcher and physiologist, Chris MacDonald, will present the results of his 20 years of research and collaborations with world-leading scientists when it comes to our non-negotiable needs and the motivation to get those needs met.

Chris MacDonald shares with beautiful self-irony his inspiring strategy for how we as individuals and organizations ensure that the crucial and indispensable ingredients behind healthy energy and motivation are in place.

During the lecture, Chris will touch on:

• The science behind motivation.

• Energy management: Good physical energy is essential to function optimally. New and vital knowledge about sleep and exercise.

• Social relationships: We need good social relationships to thrive, and they play a more significant role than most realize.

In this riveting and thought-provoking lecture, Chris MacDonald will present the most profound discoveries from the last 50 years of research behind healthy energy and motivation. Findings that have only, in very few cases, made it into popular science and the usual pep talks about motivation. Discoveries that, when understood, can create a dramatic change in our own lives as well as our work and social groups.

This is not a lecture on broccoli, jogging and quick fixes, this is a journey back in our evolutionary history; a journey with humor and big aha moments reveal why we humans are equipped with precisely the needs we have. And how we most easily fulfill them.

Look forward to a lecture that will send you home with a smile on your face and a completely new look at motivation.

A lecture on sleep and so much more

We know today that sleep is the foundation for our well-being, social life and health. But we also know that many people have trouble sleeping. Although it may feel as though sleep is beyond our control, there is a lot we can do to help it on its way. But what is the key to better control of sleep? And why is sleep so important?

Human physiologist Chris MacDonald has spent the last 20 years digging into ancient human genetics and modern science to find the answer to those questions. In this inspiring and thought-provoking lecture, Chris gives us insight into getting a good night's sleep most nights. But the focus is broader than just good sleep because sleep is connected to our social behavior and mindset.

During the lecture, Chris will touch on:

• The stages of sleep, rest and that waking up during the night is normal.

• Why sleep is essential and what to gain from sufficient sleep.

• Light, caffeine, alcohol, and age in relation to the sleep-regulating mechanisms.

• Sleep advice that makes sense in relation to our biology and physiology.

In Chris' hands, heavy scientific material is made understandable and relevant. And sleep is put into a larger context.

Look forward to a lecture that will send you home with a smile on your face and a completely new insight into the wonderful world of sleep and with scientifically based strategies for how we can help sleep on its way. A lecture that will inevitably generate many thoughts and good laughs both during the course and in the days after.

Digital live with

Chris MacDonald

Cutting edge of digital seminars

An extraordinary situation where we cannot gather requires extraordinary talks that really bring us together!

Chris has produced successful digital events for the largest companies in Denmark, and the feedback has been unequivocally excellent in both form and content. In our new everyday life, Chris MacDonald has therefore chosen to offer this new Digital Live experience to you or your organisation.

An experience out of the ordinary

Chris has already inspired over 100,000 people through the experience. This is not least because Chris has the unique combination of being equally inspiring and effective in his communication in Danish and English. Perhaps that is why international companies have experienced that employees are tuned in from Denmark to the USA to Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea and more.

"It was incredible how Chris's messages of well-being, resilience and motivation resonated with everyone, even the most critical colleagues were deeply impressed. Several have said: 'The best learning experience ever.'" The set-up with the cameras in a studio gave an invaluable dimension to the experience. I can give my unreserved recommendation. Chris, my deepest gratitude for not least giving a good experience to our employees in a difficult situation, but for inspiring real change and for being careful with the preparation and to deliver on the day. I am very impressed."


Corporate Health and Safety Leader IBM Denmark

Not just a webinar

Most of us have by now had enough of Zoom meetings and Team meetings. We have experienced webinars where a person stands in front of a webcam with poor light and scratchy sound; a solution that loses the energy and communication on the floor. In response, Chris and his technical team wanted to create a broadcast experience in a studio with multi-cam setup and professional sound from TV productions. A digital event in line with a live lecture.

As a participant, you can sit anywhere with your computer, your TV or your family on the sofa. The event typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

Chris and his team can hold events from a professional studio.

All you have to do is book Live with Chris MacDonald and we'll take care of everything else from there.

Our technical department will create a link that will be sent to the person responsible for the event at your place. You just have to share this link with the participants on their work email or similar. The participants thus simply click on the link to access the event, which is hidden from everyone but you. In short: there are no downloads, no installation, no hassle. "Just press Play".

Format and content: We and Chris stand for Live, so you just have to sit back in your seats and be entertained and inspired. As a starting point, Chris talks about resilience, motivation and how we create well-being in challenging times, but further down you can read about the various lectures Chris offers. All can be settled in the digital format

In other words: Live with Chris MacDonald is a digital lecture in TV production quality of the highest caliber, completely tailored to your needs.

Anyone who has seen Chris live on stage has experienced his ability to grab and inspire an audience. His experience as a TV host also makes it natural for him to be in front of a camera. Together, in a time of Covid-19, Chris has teamed up with the TV industry's top people to create a unique, digital lecture experience that captures the energy, inspiration and learning his lectures have become nationally known for.

A completely unique digital experience!


Unbelievable how Chris burns through in the new digital format.


Super professional, thoughtful and personal at the same time. Simply excellent.


Chris is a speaker with a great sense of humor, insight and with a fantastic talent for engaging the audience.



In a very short time, we have radically changed our way of life. The speed, the amount and the way we communicate with each other. What we eat, how much or how little we sleep, how and how much we move. Factors that are all crucial to our mental well-being. The course day is not about pep talks or attitudes towards health. Instead, you will be presented with facts that are not negotiable if you want to experience high capacity and resilience in a busy everyday life.

We cannot prevent what we do not understand

We neither can nor should stop the development, but we can do a lot ourselves to prevent the negative influence that the changes can have on us. If we are to make a difference ourselves, however, it requires a basic knowledge of and understanding of how the changes in our way of life affect us. Based on his enormous expertise and experience in biology, physiology, sociology and psychology, Chris MacDonald tackles the following topics:

  • Resilience - what is non-negotiable if you need to maintain your mental and physical resilience?
  • The balance between personal capacity and challenges
  • Motivation, self-regulation and willpower - and the research behind it
  • Social interaction - how do people around us affect our mood and performance - and what influence do we ourselves have on others?
  • The physiology and psychology behind stress
  • Sleep and the importance of sleep for our psyche, physique and performance

Teaching in a special class delivered with humor and lots of energy
Chris MacDonald is concerned with separating facts from attitudes and opinions when it comes to our health and well-being. Today's teaching is based on theory within biology, physiology and psychology as well as internationally recognized research. All delivered in an entertaining, energetic and accessible manner that is understandable to all.


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