Just Human is a Danish NGO, founded in 2015 by Chris MacDonald. Just Human's mission is to inspire young people and their role models to take care of themselves and each other.

Modern life challenges and poorly matches our innate biological, mental and social needs. That is why Just Human combats 'mismatch' with inspiration for change, both at individual and societal level.

Just Human operates in a network that spans far and wide. From the foremost well-being researchers to adults, parents and teachers to the children and young people who are the important voice of the next generation. In that crossroads lies Just Human's core task, to convey and inspire change, both at individual and societal level.

We work based on three guiding stars which ensure that our efforts have a purpose and that we create useful results:

  • Community
  • Change
  • Cooperation


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, says an old and wise African proverb. For all people are surrounded by communities. And especially in the young years, community is an essential prerequisite for well-being.

Just Human mobilizes and develops communities for children, young people and their adults, where we make each other better and where there is freedom to be exactly who you are.


Just Human wants to make a difference and create change. We focus on the most challenging topics that can make a big difference in the long term, and we inspire better well-being so that more people can live healthy and good lives. The outlet is research, but always communicated at eye level with the children and young people who are our most important target group.



Just Human develops projects in collaboration with foundations, public authorities, schools and NGOs. We believe that strong alliances, partnerships and networks create the best results for a target group that really needs it.




Has it become too easy to be human?

The fact is that we humans have never had a stronger starting point for living a good life. But modern society has created a number of challenges for the natural needs that, whether we like it or not, are encoded in our DNA.

The result is that children and young people move less and sleep too little, eat too poorly, and increasingly become more stressed and lonely. It is a consequence of society's development, which challenges the well-being of the next generation to an alarming degree.

Just Human calls it a mismatch. Because we cannot change our DNA, but have a great influence on how we ourselves and society meet our innate needs. A crucial balance for the well-being of a healthy life.


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